• Ayah Bella
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    Height: 165 centimeters Weight: 55 kg
    Age: 22 Hair Color: Brunette
    Eye Color: Hazel Sexual Pref: Bisexual
    Home Country: France

    About me

    «Rien ne contient le libertinage... La vraie façon d'étendre et de multiplier ses désirs est de vouloir lui imposer des bornes.»

    Young beauty of 22 years, French with Middle Eastern and Baltic origins: delicious mixture of sensuality and lasciviousness :

    I have a soft pale skin complexion, underlined by long dark hair, an hourglass silhouette: my body is devoted to lust. 
    My facial features are soft, reminding those of a doll. My eyes are almond-shaped, my breasts are quite opulent (DD) but keeps a very natural aspect, as for my buttocks they're exceptionally projected nevertheless, I have the chance to have a flat belly, abs, and a small waist.
    I'm a big fan of beautiful lingerie, and beautiful things in general, so I always make sure that excellently dressed, made up, styled, manicured and perfumed. I take great care of myself, in order to offer you the exceptional moment that you deserve.

    “Une beauté sans grâce est une beauté sans appas.”
    Ninon de Lenclos 

    It's very important for me to reach excellence, to constantly innovate, in order to be into perfection as much as possible. I am a true epicurean, my pleasure is to seduce you in order to provide you with more, and to make you discover the numerous ways to reach it at the end of our passionate moment. What better way to do this than to relax and let my expert hands take care of you?
    Immerse yourself in my fiery gaze and enjoy.

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    Phone: +33619753865 SMS only

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